Among tubular metal, implemented by JSC "TTK-Ekaterinburg" a wide assortment of titanium pipes. This group includes pipe made of a rutile concentrate produced during enrichment of titanium ore. These products are used not only on Earth but also in Space.


The titanium pipe has the following characteristics:

high mechanical strength, lightness, corrosion resistance, ability to withstand the aggressive action of various chemical and organic substances, moisture, salts, perfectly withstand high pressure, extremes of high and low temperature. Titanium tubes are expensive products and very high quality of hire is the hollow profiles on the basis of titanium alloys of different cross section. Titanium pipes have a sufficiently wide range of pipes, which largely depends on the chemical composition of the original alloy regulated by GOST 19807.

Titanium pipes according to the method of production are divided into:

•Hot rolled tube with machining internal and external diameters;
•Cold-rolled (cold-drawn) seamless pipe made of titanium alloys ПТ7-M and VT 1-0 according GOST 22897 with the subsequent polishing or etching of surfaces;
•Welded - can be produced with argon-arc welding of titanium alloy W 1-0 and 4-0 in accordance with GOST 24890-81.

The quality of the production of titanium pipes are divided into:
•Pipes with an etched surface in the annealed condition (group A);
•Pipe without etching and heat treatment (group B);

Pipe made of titanium are lightweight, high strength, ductility and corrosion resistance, ability to retain its engineering properties under severe temperature and high pressure, easy to cope with the powerful influence of aggressive environments (ammonia, sulfur, acids, chlorine, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, etc.). They are well handled and are easy to weld, easy to carry work with oil or natural gas.

The length of rolled products titanium pipes varies on the product dimensional dimensional and random length.
Dimensional products along the edge exactly cut and processed from burrs.

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