Among tubular metal, implemented by JSC "PTC-Ekaterinburg" a wide range of PUF pipes.
In stock dealer certificate with such major enterprises as
UZTI(Ural plant of pipe isolation) и PZPT(Polevskoy plant of polyethylene pipes).

​In Stock:Polyurethane pipes according to GOST 30732-2006 steel Pipes by application to the surface of a foam layer of different thickness are used for water supply and heating.

These types of pipe have stringent specifications according to GOST, the main of which are presented below:

Tubes must be made of high quality carbon or low alloy steel seamless or longitudinally welded method. Before you apply the insulation, they must be subjected to shot-blasting grinding, followed by inspection for small defects.
Insulation is only used solid polyurethane foam, corresponding to GOST 30732-2006. Between the steel surface and insulation foam shall be fully guaranteed adhesion (adhesion). It is evaluated when testing for axial displacement and is 0.14 MPa at t 23C.
Polyethylene is made only from material of low pressure PE 80 or 100 black GOST 18599-2001. If the test results do not meet the requirements of GOST 30732-2006, the material is not allowed for installation.
As a covering material for outdoor wiring is used fine-leaved steel thickness of not more than 1 cm with galvanized steel class 1 (GOST 52246-2004). Installation of OTS shell on foam insulation and shaped products must be completely sealed.


Pipe foam with the application of polyurethane insulation are advanced and quite effective. This kind of plastic superior in thermal conductivity, all other polymers, and also insulation of mineral wool. Pipes with this type of insulation used in the exterior, ducted and ductless heating systems, gas and oil pipelines. Feature high quality heat insulation steel pipe (reduce thermal losses up to 10 times).
The thickness of the insulation can be standard (Type 1) or enhanced (Type 2). The insulation is made from eco-friendly materials Izolan 345 and Borates CD 100. On both sides of pipes, leaving areas without insulation (from 150 to 210 mm).
They are necessary to connect them by welding.


Top insulation closed shell, which is divided into 2 types:
Polyethylene (PE) – used for laying channel-free way in tight spaces. Example of designation steel pipe with outer diameter of 57 mm, a wall thickness of 3 mm with type 1 isolation in a polyethylene cover: Pipe article 57×3-1-PF-PE GOST 30732-2006
Galvanized (OTS) – used for ground installation and in crowded channels. Example of designation steel pipe with outer diameter of 57 mm, a wall thickness of 3mm with insulation of type 1 in the steel shell: Steel St. 57×3-1-PPU-OTS GOST 30732-2006.

Through the use of pipes in thermal insulation polyurethane foam, reduced lead times, and decreasing costs when laying. The PUF pipes increased service life (50 years) and by what means lower operating costs. At the customer's request polyurethane pipes are equipped with operating remote control system (ORCS).

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