Among tubular metal, implemented by JSC "PTC-Ekaterinburg" a wide assortment of stainless steel pipes - to this group belong the pipes made of stainless steel.

In Stock:
• Stainless steel pipe obtained by cold rolling GOST 9941-81
• Stainless steel tube obtained by hot rolling GOST 9940-81
• Pipe of high quality steel grades 12X18H10T, 10X17H13M2T

These standards define the assortment of pipes, maximum deviations in their wall thickness, diameter, specifications.


Stainless steel pipes compared with conventional pipes of black metal does not have welded seam, high resistance to various influences, established themselves as the most low emergency. Pipes GOST 9941 can skip harmful to human health and the environment fluid. Therefore are often preferred to pipes made of steel 08kh18n10t, which are resistant to corrosion, which leads to long service life, they can withstand high pressure of gas, liquid inside and the pressure of the soil. For the production of stainless steel pipes carbon and alloy steels of high quality. Marking 12Kh18N10T means that the composition of the steel, included Nickel, manganese and chromium, whereby these pipes have proven themselves as pipe metal possessing such properties as the most durable, reliable, versatile. Pipe from steel 12X18H10T can rightly be called the most durable, reliable and durable - even under extreme operation do not lose their properties.

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