Among tubular metal, implemented by JSC "PTC-Ekaterinburg" a wide assortment of cold-deformed pipes.

Cold-deformed pipes are manufactured by technology of shaping in the hot condition, which is produced after rolling in a cold condition to obtain the outer shape, dimensions and properties. Pipe without a welded seam outside diameter which was finally enlarged or reduced for part of its length or the entire length at the operating temperature of the mill after forming.


Outer diameter of cold drawn pipes is from 5 mm to 140 mm (in stock up to 89 mm.), wall thickness from cold rolled seamless pipe 1 to 3 mm in a thin-walled, 4 to 6 mm thick and 7 mm is particularly thick and length.

Maximum wall thickness can reach 12 mm or more at the request of the consumer.
Long pipe ranges from 1.5 to 12 m, subdivided into measured, unmeasured, and multiple long.

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