JSC "TTK-Ekaterinburg" supported the first American Football Club "Ural Lightning" in Yekaterinburg.
The first club of American football Lighting has grown from an Amateur team and the participation of the club "Ural Hunters" (Ozersk). Amateur initiative has led to the fact that in 2008, in Yekaterinburg, appeared a full-fledged sports club "Ural Lightning". The first workout was a friendly rivalry with the oval ball than something like a full-fledged sports training.
The experience of joint exercises with the "Ural hunters" allowed students to experience what American football is in.
August 3, 2009, by the decision of the leadership team, is considered the birthday of the team "Ural Lightning". Having defined the name and color scheme of their equipment, "Lightning" participate in the sports camp, held on the basis of health camp "Eaglet" and fall to participate in the "Cup of the Urals". The results of the championship the team took second place, losing in the final of "Ural Hunters". In the spring of 2011, the team participates in regional tournament, devoted Victory Day in Samara,
where is the first place. In the autumn of the same year, the team competes in the open championship of the Urals, where it occupies the third place. Generally, in the 2011 season the team played 10 games, 6 of which she won. The players of the team and its management team were nominated for various titles awarded based on the results of past tournaments. Since 2012, the team plays in the Championship of Russia in the division of the Urals and in the Ural Championship. In 2013 the team took second place in the Cup of the Urals, and in early 2014 he won a "bronze" inter-regional Cup "FreshMen Cup". In 2015, the Lightning won a landslide victory in the division, "Ural-Povolzhye" and reached the playoffs of the championship of Russia, where it could not beat Moscow "Spartans" in the end, the results of the championship came in 4th place. 2016 team finishes with a victory in the Cup of the Urals.

In 2014, the staff of JSC "TTK-Ekaterinburg" there are people passionate about American Football, which inspired colleagues first to attend and later to participate in trainings of the Club. The Team were active supporters of the Club and the athletes playing for the honor of the Ural Lightning. Drawing this to the attention of the management of JSC "TTK – Ekaterinburg" implementing a policy of socially responsible business, made a decision on the financial support of the sports initiatives of its employees. Today JSC "TTK-Ekaterinburg" is a sponsor of the team supporting the initiative of the athletes in participating in major Championships and competitions, the presence of which employees became a good tradition to actively carry out corporate events.


At the moment, the achievements of the team "Ural Lightning" look like this:

Ural Cup 2009 – 2nd place
Volga Bowl 2011 – 1st place
Ural Cup 2013 - 2nd place
FreshMen Winter Cup 2013 – 3 place
The Ural championship 2014 – 1st place
Federation Cup 2014 – 2nd place
Championship of Russia 2015 division Ural-Povolzh'e - 1 place
Ural Cup 2016 - 1 place

The command "the Ural lightning" conducts its training at the stadium "interschool" (Ekaterinburg, Boulevard of Denisov-Uralsky, 3A) three times a week. The club invites everyone to try their hand at American Football.

Interesting facts about American football:

1. To date, more than 100 million people in the US are constantly in the loop of all League games. A large part of the population is not indifferent to this sport. And no wonder that every second American teenager dreams of becoming an NFL player as it is very prestigious. When compared with other specialties, the American player in this respect is comparable only with the military or a pilot.
2. During matches are about millions of fans to support their own team. So American football can be called a major sport in the United States. Most-watched television event in the United States is the Super Bowl (Super bowl).
3. American football evolved from such English sports like Rugby and football, and gained popularity on the campuses of American colleges during the second half of the 19th century. In 1876, a coach named Walter camp, considered the "Father of American football," helped produce the first rules of American football. Among the important changes was the representation of the line of the ball and the rules of downs and distances.
4. In 1920 was formed the American Professional football Association; two years later its name was changed to the National Football League (NFL), which eventually became the major League of American football.
5. This sport is so closely intertwined with the culture of the United States, which has been repeatedly mentioned in movies, books. And in 1985 actually happened interesting case. Coincidentally, the date of inauguration of the President of the United States and the finals of American football was scheduled for one day. As a result it was decided to postpone... the inauguration day ahead.
6. At the same time in the American football on the field may have not more than 11 athletes from the same team (same as in the classical soccer), but full members of the club can reach 54 players. All due to the fact that according to the rules of the game, the coach may make an unlimited number of substitutions. Because of this, some of the athletes specifically "incarcerated" under certain functions on the field to kick the ball or run with it. In other words, the team can present a huge amount of core players that can get on the field once or twice to perform specific functions.
7. American football got into the Guinness Book of records as the sport in which the largest volume of rules.
8. American football was also popular in the USSR. In the 70's, Vladimir Vysotsky, having become acquainted with the game, was so fond of Rugby, which later wrote the song "Angels of passion". As for the Russian athletes, few people know that Vladimir Turchinsky was the title of a USSR champion in American football, winning the team of the Moscow Bears. Moreover, he even managed to play in the European Championships.
9. The richest NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys (Dallas Cowboys), its estimated cost is $ 2.1 billion with a revenue of 269 million dollars per year.
10. The field for the NFL are built of severe to the South or in the shade, because it is believed that the sun interferes with the game.

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