Among the realised metal products of JSC "PTC-Ekaterinburg" a wide range of assorted metal.

Rolled steel is a type of metal products, which is characterized by the simplicity of the cross-sectional shape, the final product of hot rolling mills, obtained by rolling heated ingots of metal rolling mill.

Classification of rolled products is carried out based on the shape of section: round, square, hexagon, angle, channel, strip is a semifinished product intended for further dissemination to the finished product (typically hardware) on lathe, milling and other equipment. At the same time, the product can be used in its raw form, it is widely used in construction and manufacturing of various steel structures. Bars, like any rental, has its own characteristics and requirements. It differs in the accuracy of the performance, its material, size and other parameters.

Difference rolled on the surface quality:
- 1ПГ, hire, for use without processing the surface.
- 2ПГ, rental for hot treatment with pressure.
- 3ПГ, rental to mechanical, cold processed exclusively by cutting.


Classification of rolled sections available:
Round steel in appearance the circle of steel is a rod the cross-sectional diameter which may vary from 5 to 280 millimeters. More over, if necessary, its diameter can be increased to 330 mm. This type of long products produced from carbon steel, low alloy steel, low-alloy and carbon steel high quality and also of high-alloy raw materials;  
Square steel is a rod with a square cross section. The dimensions of the sides of such a square can vary from 6 to 200 millimeters.
Raw materials base for the steel square is completely analogous to the manufacture of steel circle. This low-alloy steel and conventional high quality, high alloy, carbon steel of normal and high quality. The use of the steel square due to its regular geometric shape. It is ideal for all kinds of precision structures. GOST 2591-88 with side size from 10 to 50 mm;

Steel strip varies with the length and sides of the cross section (rectangle) serves as the basis for designs, is the template for the production of tools and various roll-formed profiles. Strip, GOST 103-76 hot-rolled, of a width of from 20 to 200 mm, thickness from 4 to 60 mm;
Profile steel - is the Foundation of modern construction. Design of steel work mainly on stretching and bending, at least – in compression. In the manufacture of steel structures used in welded, bolted and riveted connections. GOST 30245-2003 applies to steel bent closed welded square and rectangular sections, intended for construction of steel structures. Profiles are produced in specialized mills by forming a circular tubular section with a longitudinal weld and subsequent compression rolls in a square or rectangular profile.
Rolled metal product rolling through the machine various types and grades of steel material in which a steel workpiece is given the desired thickness and the final product comes in the form of sheets. The type of production of rolled sheet is cold-rolled and hot-rolled.
- Cold-rolled sheet GOST 19904-90 thickness from 0.5 to 3 mm in carbon steel quality and common quality;
- Steel hot-rolled sheet GOST 19903-74 thickness from 1.5 to 160 mm in carbon steel and alloy steel;
- Galvanized steel sheet GOST 14918-80 in sheets and coils with thickness from 0.55 to 1.5 mm;
- Patterned sheet GOST 8568-77 with rhombic and lentil coating;
- Stainless steel sheet.

Rebar is steel rods and wire of various shapes (round, periodic structure), ropes, nets, cages (two or three dimensional), which is an integral part of the concrete structural elements. Requirements to valves due to the need of its joint work with the concrete. In this regard, the valve should have good adhesion to the concrete, to have the necessary mechanical strength and technological properties.
The main types of reinforcing steel used in the construction, determined to SNiP 2.03.01—84, GOST:
- Pipe for construction GOST 5781 6,0-40mm steel 35GS, 25g2s, A400C, A500C;
- Armature heat-strengthened GOST 10884-81, 12 and 14 mm.

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