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Social projects in the field of sports development in the Urals Federal district

The reputation of the responsible supplier

More than 13 years JSC "TTK-Ekaterinburg" - the responsible supplier of rolled tubular products  in Russia and CIS. Implements the pipe from various grades of steel and alloys, forming and placing orders for the leading metallurgical plants of the Russian Federation, carrying out quality control, guided by the current Normative-Technical Documentation, has the Certificate of Quality Management System (ISO9001:2008). The totality of the legally established responsibilities, rights and duties determines the stable position of JSC "PTC-Ekaterinburg" in the Russian pipe business.           

JSC "PTC-Ekaterinburg" implements a policy of socially responsible business, supporting projects in the field of sport development in the Urals Federal district, a program to promote healthy lifestyles and improve the health of the nation. ВThe company conducts more than 150 sports events and tournaments in the Urals Federal district during the year, maintaining a "Regional Union of Aikido" and "Russian national aikido board", the American Football Club "Ural lightning", sports "Uralochka", Municipal Association of volleyball the city of Ekaterinburg, championship of veteran and Amateur volleyball.


Partnerships with manufacturers of the metal allow for direct deliveries of products, adhere to flexible price policy, offer the best prices.

Knowledge of technology and specific production of metal-roll allows you to schedule and determine the optimal timing of placement of order in factories, to lobby for the production of unscheduled orders under urgent projects;

Financial stability allows us to offer customers the best form and timing of payment, to use the progressive forms of crediting;

Modern warehouse complex in Pervouralsk allows you to have a wide range of products available, given the business needs of the customers to keep a reserve of production under the project;

Own fleet of vehicles allows us to deliver specialized cargo vehicles in the Russian regions and CIS countries. Provide transportation of customers;

On-line system updates the inventory availability of products allows you to quickly create your order;

Current logistics system allows customers to order in time and without extra costs;

Experience implementing complex projects for customers allows us to offer a wide assortment of fittings for quality and productive work;

Our specialists have higher technical education, the practice of supply of materials for engineering systems of industrial enterprises, experience in implementation of complex projects of high complexity, рundertake internships at leading metallurgical plants in Russia and abroad, raising the level of competence in the field of advanced materials and technologies of production of metal.





All goes according to plan

Considering the production needs of customers, the company implements delivery of the goods. The company's competitive advantage is its own logistics Department and freight fleet consisting of long-length trucks. Capacity of each car is 20 tons, which allows us to deliver large volumes of pipes and long products with manufacturers and warehouse in Pervouralsk to customer sites in Russia and CIS.

Fleet of specialized vehicles equipped with satellite monitoring system;
Current logistics system;
Rational tariffs, individual calculation of the cost of transportation;
The legality of the services, documentation, service-level international companies;
Responsible for the safety of cargo;
Regular staff of experienced drivers.

At our disposal:

DAF tractor;

KRONE and SHMITZ semi-trailers;

All vehicles have a awning with remote back, side, top loading and unloading.

The volume of semi-trailers is 92 m3, length – 13.6 m, height 2.72 m, width – 2.5 meters.


Documents regulating the procedure of transportation
    DOWNLOAD Download the application-contract on providing of transport-forwarding services on a single carriage in accordance with article 434 of the civil code.

    DOWNLOAD the Contract on rendering of transport – forwarding services. The subject of the contract is the relationship between the parties in the planning, calculations and provision of forwarding services for the carriage of goods by road. It sets out the rights and obligations of the parties, the cost of services, procedure of mutual settlements.

Choose the direction of transportation, and we will choose the best route, calculate the cost
and you will receive a personal offer.


JSC "TTK-Ekaterinburg" implements a policy of socially responsible business, upporting projects in the field of sport development in the Urals Federal district, a program to promote healthy lifestyles and improve the health of the nation. The company conducts more than 150 sports events and tournaments in the Urals Federal district during the year, supporting EGOO "Ekaterinsburg municipal federation of Volleyball", sports "Uralochka", participates in the organization of the Championships veteran and Amateur volleyball Association, is taking part in the activities of public organizations "national Council of Aikido of Russia", Regional Union of Aikido", with the active participation of JSC "TTK-Ekaterinburg" has made possiblethe creation of the American Football Club "Ural lightning".

Management, employees, their family members and friends of different ages engage in sports like volleyball, Aikido, American football, attend sporting events and are active supporters in the competition.








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